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Publication of Law 4 of 2013 for non-regulated professions with the possibility of certification issued under accreditation by ACCREDIA.

Publication was made in ed. 22, Jan. 26, 2013, in the official gazette, of the law for non-regulated professions which do not have professional registers. The law comes into force from Feb. 10, 2013.
The law foresees that competences can also be assessed by professional associations where it is possible for such persons to register or by means of voluntary self-regulation implemented in accordance with the relevant UNI technical standard.
The law also foresees that these processes of qualification can be underpinned by a professional assessment undertaken by a CB accredited by ACCREDIA.
The use of accredited certification is foreseen in article 9 of the law, which states that associations or similar collective forms can constitute conformity certification bodies themselves for the relevant sectors of competence with the possibility of certifying a professional person who applies for certification.

Article 9
Conformity certification against UNI technical standards

1. Professional associations pursuant to article 2 and the global forms pursuant to article 3 collaborate in the preparation of the UNI technical standard regarding individual professional activities by means of participation in the work of specific technical bodies or by sending to the standardization body contributions during the phase of public investigation so as to ensure maximum transparency. The same associations can create certification bodies for conformity for sectors of competence whilst respecting the requirements of impartiality, independence expected of such bodies by the existing standard and guaranteed by accreditation in accordance with point 2.
2. CBs which are accredited by ACCREDIA in accordance with Reg. 765/2008/CE can issue, upon request by an individual professional person who is also registered with another association, a certificate of conformity with a UNI technical standard defined for a single profession.

Attached - the full text of the law number 4 of Jan. 14, 2013.