Accredia / EA WG Medical 2020

EA WG Medical

EA Laboratory Committee Working Group Medical

The EA Laboratory Committee Working Group Medical, is the forum for discussion of all questions related to the assessment and accreditation of laboratories.

Accredia is pleased to host the next meeting of the Working Group Medical of the Laboratory Committee of the European co-operation for accreditation, which will take place in Rome on June 17th and 18th, 2020.


  • to harmonize the implementation of the standard ISO/IEC 17011 with a view to the assessment and accreditation of laboratories, proficiency testing providers and reference material producersagainst the relevant standards and to elaborate guidance documents where necessary;
  • to follow up development of new accreditation or conformity assessment activities in the field of laboratories, PT providers and RM producers;
  • to follow up development of new standards and schemes and issue recommendations for adoption by the EA General Assembly as level 4 or 5requirements under the EA MLA;
  • to discuss and where appropriate to develop a European view on issues to be discussed in ILAC or other international organizations;
  • to establish and maintain liaisons with ILAC and the other regional cooperations by appointintg a dedicated liaison person;
  • to support EAAccreditation Bodies in the implementation of decisions taken by EA and ILAC and to coordinate related activities where appropriate;
  • to support EA ABs in the management of transitions (standards, ILAC mandatory documents);
  • to cooperate with relevant working parties of the European Commission and related European organizations, especially as far as the implementation of the standards defining technical competence of laboratories, proficiency testing providers and reference materialproducersis concerned, in particular the recognised stakeholders;
  • to cooperate with the other EA committees on a regular basis;
  • to cooperate with other regional accreditation co-operations in the fieldscovered by the LC concerningtraining activities;
  • to advise the General Assembly, the Executive Committee and the other committees in all matters related to laboratory, PTP and RMPaccreditation;
  • to perform any other task specified by the EA General Assembly;
  • to nominate the EA/LC representatives to joint Working groups with Stakeholders, such as the EEE-PTand maintain liaison as required;
  • to develop the LC knowledge database by:
    -maintaining the LC-owned publications;
    -setting up, maintaining and making available a list of Frequently Asked Questions and LC-approved responses.


The organization of the event is managed by Accredia and its communication partner Notre Dames srl.


Mr. Federico Pecoraro
phone: +39 06 8440991
Via Guglielmo Saliceto, 7/9
00161 Rome – Italy


Ms. Ester Pecora
phone: + 39 06 87931513
Via dei Gracchi, 195
00192 Rome – Italy