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4th EPPO Workshop for Heads of Plant Pest Diagnostic Laboratories

08 Sep - 10 Sep 2019
Building Copernic 14
Maisons-Alfort (Suburb of Paris, France)
rue Pierre et Marie Curie
Maria Scognamiglio, Accredia technical officer, participates as a speaker at the EPPO Workshop on the accreditation activity, according to the new 17025, for the diagnostic activity of plant pests.

The Workshop will start with presentations of the main changes to PM 7/98(4) Specific requirements for laboratories preparing accreditation for a plant pest diagnostic activity by the EPPO secretariat followed by reports from Heads of Laboratories of their experience with the implementation of the new version of ISO 17025). For that session, we invite experts to propose a presentation (to be indicated when registering online). On the second day, representatives from EU reference laboratories will present their planned activities. The Workshop will continue with discussions on flexible scopes of accreditation where we invite as many participants as possible to present the situation in their laboratories. For this topic, small discussion groups will also be organized.


The objectives of the Workshop are:

  • To discuss them main impacts of the new version of ISO 17025 (version 2017) for accreditation,
  • To present the newly established EU Reference Laboratories
  • To discuss how scopes of accreditation are defined in the different EPPO Countries and how they offer flexibility to the laboratory.


Please register this workshop by 2019-08-07 using the following link: