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The history of the National Body

From the merger of Sit, Sinal and Sincert to new projects, the history of Accredia is a path of continuous growth to guarantee the reliability of accredited certifications and tests, at the service of institutions, companies and consumers.

Born in 2009 from the combining of the competencies of Sit, Sinal and Sincert, the National Accreditation Body developed its activities thanks to the experiences and skills of professionals who, since the early 1980s, have been promoters of a new development model for the Country. Like Giacomo Elias, President of UNI who called for a new push towards the harmonization of technical standards and towards the development of the Italian Quality System.

“I personally believe that, to consider a country really industrialized – stated Elias – the levels of development of some services must be taken into consideration, the existence and quality of which are an index of the stability of the industrialization degree achieved. I refer to those services such as technical regulations, certification of products and quality systems of companies, testing laboratories and authorities able to accredit those who certify and those who test”.

The historical archive, the documentary, the booklet and the video interviews carried out in 2019 on the occasion of Accredia’s tenth anniversary, tell 40 years of challenges of the Italian accreditation system and 10 years of the sole Accreditation Body at the service of institutions, companies and consumers.

“You have to know the past to understand the present and orient the future”

Hitorical archive

Documents, anecdotes and quotations of the most noteworthy moments and the most relevant personalities of 40 years of accreditation. The on-line archive, created by Accredia in 2019 to celebrate its 10 years of activity, contains the most important documents, from the first steps of Sit, Sinal and Sincert to the consolidation of the conformity assessment system, to the most significant results of Accredia.

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History of Accredia

2009-2019, 10 years of activity of the National Accreditation Body retraced in a publication that tells the important steps of accreditation and the development of the Italian Quality System. An opportunity to remember all those who have contributed to the development of the sole Italian Accreditation Body, leaving the traces of their commitment, for the benefit of today’s colleagues and those of the future.


Accreditation in the story of the protagonists, Mario Mosca for Sit, Gaetano Montebelli for Sinal, Gian Battista Gelfi and Alberto Musa for Sincert, Federico Grazioli, Giuseppe Rossi and Filippo Trifiletti for Accredia, Antonella d’Alessandro of the Ministry of Economic Development, Luciano Gaiotti from the business world, Fabio Galbiati for the Italian standardization body.