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Legal notes

Terms and conditions of use

The institutional Internet website of Accredia, the Italian Accreditation Body, is Accredia provides to the Public Administrations, to businesses and to the general public, information regarding its corporate structure, its mission, its activities and its documents.

Viewing, downloading or any other use of data published on Accredia’s website requires acceptance of the terms and conditions set out below.

Accredia can change the contents of the Legal notes at any time.

Intellectual property

The Accredia logo is a registered mark which can only be used with explicit permission. The name Accredia or any other mark which contains the name Accredia cannot be used in an Internet address of other sites, in any way or form, without written consent.

Any improper or unauthorized use of the name Accredia will result in legal action.

Lists and databanks

The data available in the Databanks is protected for copyright by the law. It is not permitted to reproduce, either partially or totally, any data, or to extract and re-use any data or any of its contents.


The documents in the website can be downloaded free of charge, such as those concerning accreditation and publications, unless otherwise specifically stated.


Accredia takes no responsibility for Internet websites which can be accessed by means of the contents of its website. Such responsibility lies entirely in the hands of those who own them.


Accredia commits to continuously ensure the quality of the information published on its website – its integrity, that is updated, complete, timely and easy to consult. Accredia cannot be held responsible for damage caused directly or indirectly by access to its website or by the inability or impossibility of accessing it. Nor can Accredia be held responsible for connection services used for access to the portal.

Social Media Policy

Accredia uses social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube to inform directly and rapidly with regard to its activities.

Tweets or posts cannot be considered reliable sources of new policies, rules or guidelines by Accredia. Any changes to Accredia policy are communicated by official channels such as documents or circulars or news and publications available on its website.

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