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International network

Accredia’s role worldwide

Accredia is a signatory member of the international network of Accreditation Bodies under the international Mutual Recognition Agreements having successfully undergone a peer evaluation performed by other members.

The accreditation of bodies and laboratories is conducted worldwide on the basis of the international standard ISO/IEC 17011, along with Regulation EC 765/2008 for EU accreditation bodies.

Accredia’s participation in the network ensures its operative conformity to the standards and the consistency of its procedures with those of other Accreditation Bodies (ABs). It fosters sharing best practices and provides an opportunity for comparing and for constant improvement.

Accredia is a member of:

EA – European co-operation for Accreditation, the European association of ABs accrediting certification, inspection and verification bodies, and testing and calibration laboratories.

IAF – International Accreditation Forum, the world association of ABs accrediting certification bodies.

ILAC – International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation, the world association of ABs accrediting inspection bodies, and testing and calibration laboratories.

The EA - IAF - ILAC Agreements

The Mutual Recognition Agreements ensure consistency in the market of accredited certifications, inspections, verifications, tests and calibrations conducted by accredited CABs.

The signatory status of an Accreditation Body is gained by means of a rigorous peer evaluation undertaken by other Accreditation Bodies.

The international system of accreditation and conformity assessment has adopted the peer evaluation system as the most suitable way of ensuring competence, procedural rigour and uniformity amongst Accreditation Bodies worldwide.

The accreditation mark of a signatory body placed on testing or inspection reports, on certificates of conformity and calibration, acts as a kind of passport for international markets. An accreditation mark on a product, service or for a professional person allows movement to take place without the need for any other types of control.

The mutual recognition of the results of conformity assessments issued by bodies which are signatory to the agreements therefore has the aim of enhancing and promoting international commerce.

For all its accreditation activities Accredia is a signatory member of the:

  • EA MLAMultilateral Agreements
  • IAF MLAMultilateral Agreements
  • ILAC MRAMutual Recognition Arrangements

The IAF MLA Agreements, in addition to the main accredited activities (main scopes), also cover the accreditation sub-scopes, which can be verified on IAF website.