An international market passport

Accredited CABs use the Accredia mark to demonstrate formal recognition of its competence, independence and impartiality of the national Accreditation Body.

The Accredia logo, placed on certificates issued by the Accreditation Body  to CABs which have obtained accreditation, constitutes the “mark of accreditation”.

Accredited CABs can place the relevant version of Accredia mark on certificates of conformity and calibration, on declarations of verification, on test and inspection reports, testifying the official national and international recognition of their capacity to carry out the conformity assessment activities for which they have been accredited.

Businesses and both public and professional organizations using certification, inspection and verification services may show the Accredia mark as users and clients of accredited bodies.

The Accredia mark is a tool and an opportunity to:

  • present themselves as credible suppliers for the Public Authorities by means of the declaration by an independent third party of their competence and impartialityà;
  • offer guarantees to partners in their business to business relations in national and international markets showing respect for the regulations of health and safety;
  • increase the trust of consumers in their goods and services.

The regulation

Rules covering use of the Accredia mark by accredited CABs and their clinets.

Accredia’s General Regulation RG-09 sets out the rules for use of the mark by accredited CABs, as well as the criteria for its use by the their clients, as users of certification, inspection and verification services.

The value of the mark

Correct use of the accreditation mark is fundamental for giving value to conformity assessment activities of accredited CABs and to enhance the trust placed in certifications, inspections, verifications, tests and calibrations.

Certification, inspection and verification bodies, in particular, are invited to put into practice all the possible initiatives to support use of the mark in the combined version with its own mark, especially in cases of entities and businesses with high visibility and importance.

The aim is to engender and spread awareness of the value of accreditation and to support Accredia in communicating its role as a guarantor of the competences of CABs.

The versions of the mark

Accredia Mark

The accreditation process for a CAB is completed with the granting of a certificate which bears Accredia mark.

Clients of CABs

The users of certifications, of inspections and of verifications can use the Accredia mark combined with the one of the accredited CAB.

Accredited CABs

The Accredia mark identifies certificates of conformity and of calibration, declarations of verification as well as test and inspection reports issued by accredited CABs.