Accredia / Accreditation / Benefits


Quality, reliability, competitiveness

Accreditation strengthens the reputation and competitiveness of CABs, with tangible benefits for Public Administrative Entities, businesses and consumers who trust accredited services.

Accreditation is an effective instrument of support for certification, inspection, verification and validation bodies as well as for testing and calibration laboratories, giving real economic advantages.

Accredited conformity assessment bodies can demonstrate their competence, independence and impartiality, verified and attested by the Accreditation Body.

For institutions, businesses and consumers the benefits of accreditation consist in advantages they choose when they use the conformity assessment services issued by an accredited CABs.

For all market players accreditation and accredited services are a guarantee of higher quality and safety of goods and services.

Benefits for accredited CABs


There’s an increasing demand for the services of accredited CABs in sectors from manufacturing to agrifood, from chemical to mechanical coming from businesses, public entities, consumer associations – both in Italy and worldwide thanks both to voluntary demand and to legislative obligations.


Through the use of regular surveillance, accreditation enables CABs to monitor their own competences and conformity to the standards, offering a benchmark for continuous performance improvement.

Benefits for Public Administration Authorities

Support for legislation

The application of international standards for accreditation and conformity assessment reduces the necessity for additional national laws and it complements the market surveillance activities undertaken by the Public Authorities.

Simplifying controls

Accreditation reduces bureaucracy by cutting the quantity of controls done on organizations – public and private – which are certified or which use an accredited laboratory.

Purchases made by the Public Authorities

Choosing a product which has been certified and inspected by an accredited CAB, and using accredited tests and calibrations ensures that the Public Authorities respect the standards of service in the public sector.

Benefits for businesses


Businesses choosing accredited certification for their management system, products or services, strengthen their image in terms of reputation and trust in their commercial operations. They have greater market penetration as they possess formal recognition from an independent and competent body operating in accordance with international standards.


International recognition of the services provided by accredited CABs helps businesses to expand without having to submit their products or services to additional controls at the country of entry.

Benefits for consumers

Quality guarantee

A certificate of conformity or calibration, or a test or inspection report issued under accreditation accompanying a product or service, attests that the provider has fulfilled all the obligations for placing on the market a reliable and quality product, in accordance with recognized international standards.

More trust, fewer risks

Consumers can trust a certified product or service which has been tested by an accredited CAB because it complies with the strict quality and safety requirements, thus reducing risk for the consumer.