Accredia / Other activities

Other activities

An accreditation body which operates full circle

Accredia promotes training initiatives in collaboration with the public authorities and takes an active part in international projects.

Accredia has collaboration agreements with entities and training institutes to diffuse the culture of quality and the awareness of the value of accreditation for the public authorities, for businesses and for consumers.

The aim of collaboration with institutions is that services undertaken by CABs are effective and reliable, in support of public policies and contributing to the world network of accreditation bodies, taking part in EU cooperation projects.

The training programme

Every year Accredia organizes specialist training initiatives and professional competence updates.

Accredia offers regular training programmes and updates, also in concert with other entities, to enhance the competences of its assessors and to support the performance of accredited CABs.


Accredia and the Public Authorities

Accreditation is a valid support for the public administrative authorities aimed at guaranteeing regular and effective activities of market surveillance and ensuring the quality and safety of products and services.

The Public Authorities and institutions make increasingly frequent use of the resource of accreditation to ensure the effectiveness of market surveillance activities and to guarantee the quality and safety of products and services.


International activities

Accredia intervenes at international work tables for the harmonization of conformity assessment procedures and it takes part in EU projects.

Accredia is a member of the international accreditation entities EA, IAF and ILAC and it is signatory to the relative International Agreements as well as being recognized by the European Commission as a Mandated Body for the management of international cooperation projects.