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Accredia in numbers

Positive trend in 2018

Trust is growing amongst institutions, businesses and consumers in certifications, inspections, verifications, tests and calibrations carried out by accredited CABs.

The chief objectives of Accredia’s activities are to raise the awareness of businesses and consumers of the value of declarations of conformity, to broaden the synergy between the public and private sectors, to step up the competences and numbers of assessors for handling larger and more complex areas.

From 2017 to 2018 the number of accredited CABs rose up from 1,699 to 1,776. This reflects market recognition of the system of certifications, inspections, environmental verifications, tests, medical analyses and calibrations undertaken under accreditation.

The assessment activities performed were up 6% on 2017, reaching 15,320 audit days worked by 544 qualified assessors and experts.

Certification and Inspection Department

Assessors worked about 5,000 days to audit 366 accredited bodies for carrying out certifications, inspections and verifications.

Testing Laboratories Department

Over 9,400 assessment days done by assessors verifying 1,222 accredited laboratories for conducting tests, medical analyses and interlaboratory tests.


Calibration Laboratories Department

About 900 assessment days done by assessors verifying 189 accredited laboratories for conducting calibrations and measurement in the medical field and producing reference materials.

Numbers for 2018

The trend in accreditations and the growth of assessment activities.

The Accredia Members’ Assembly approved the balance sheet and report, showing the institutional developments, the verification activities and evolution of the accreditation schemes.