The Italian
Accreditation Body

Choosing quality

Competence, independence, impartiality

Accredia is the sole national accreditation body appointed by the Italian government in compliance with the application of the European Regulation 765/2008, attesting the competence, independence and impartiality of certification, inspection and verification bodies, as well as testing and calibration laboratories. Accredia is a recognized association which operates on a non-profit basis, under the vigilance of the Ministry of Economic Development.


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43rd EA General Assembly

Accredia is proud to host, for the 2019, the 43rd General Assembly of the European co-operation for accreditation.

The 43rd EA General Assembly will gather the representatives from all National Accreditation Bodies and EA Recognized Stakeholders, for 2019, in one of the most beautiful settings of the world.

Not only the meeting will provide an invaluable opportunity to enhance collaboration in the world of accreditation but it also will be a chance to see the beauties of the Eternal City.


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With the liberalization of the market of professionals and the birth of new professional activities, the accredited certification of professionals has taken on a strategic role.

The attestation of the quality of professional services constitutes a protection for consumers as it ensures the maintenance over time of the competences and fosters continuous professional improvement.


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Annual report 2017

351 certification, inspection and verification bodies, 1,168 testing laboratories and 180 calibration laboratories confirming the positive upward trend of accredited services.

Ensure the reliability of declarations of conformity issued by accredited bodies and laboratories, expanding the competences and areas of evaluation, promoting the competitiveness of Italian companies and the quality of their of products and services for consumers, supporting the Authorities in their regulation and surveillance of the market.