Accredia / Databanks


Accredia’s online Databanks are the official source for finding the references of Conformity Assessment Bodies operating in all the schemes and sectors managed by Accredia, and to verify the validity of certificates of accreditation and the content of accredited test lists.

The section also contains accessible data of organizations/companies holding the main types of certification (management systems, products and services) and professionals, handled directly by Accredia or in association with other institutional sources.

Accessible databases and statistics from the Databanks section are part of an ongoing process of market support which sees accreditation as a tool of guarantee of the competence of CABs undertaking conformity assessment activities of products and services.

The aim is to offer a complete and reliable information service of transparent communication for accredited CABs, accreditation bodies, national and international institutions, businesses and consumers which use accredited services.

The use of Databanks is subject to legal conditions which are accessible from any page of the website.

For further information and requests regarding the service write to


The following may be searched in the accreditation database:

  • Accredited certification, inspection, verification and validation bodies
  • Foreign certification bodies with IAF 28 (construction) recognition
  • Accredited testing laboratories
  • Accredited medical laboratories
  • Interlaboratory proficiency testing providers
  • Accredited calibration laboratories
  • Accredited reference materials producers
  • Accredited biobanks

Accreditation certificates, relative attachments and lists of accredited tests are published and can be downloaded free.

Data are updated after every Sector Accreditation Committee meeting.


Database search of certifications can be done for the following categories:

  • Organizations/companies with a certified management system
  • Certified products and services
  • Certified professionals

For the certification of management systems, organic products and professionals, it is the task of the certification body to keep the data up-to-date and to upload them on Accredia’s website.

Information regarding other certifications is published in the form of a list and made accessible in association with official sources.


In the statistics area, aggregate and anonymous monthly data of organizations/companies with certified management system can be consulted according to the modalities:

  • Statistics on certified organizations
  • Evolution of organizations certified by standard

Data are consolidated as statistics three months after publication in the certifications database, after which the CABs can’t make any modifications.