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Complaints and comments

The complaints and comments management process is an essential tool for the effectiveness of conformity assessment system and is the key factor of Accredia’s policy, as it safeguards the satisfaction of users of accredited certification, inspection, validation, testing, calibration services as well as products, services and professionals certified under accreditation.

  • A complaint communicates the dissatisfaction of any type of user (consumer, accredited body or laboratory, Public Administration, firm, etc.) related to the use of a provided service, or to the purchase of a product offered by an organization certified under accreditation and recognized under the EA, IAF and ILAC International Agreements.
  • A comment differs from the complaint as it does not necessarily imply dissatisfaction with the purchased services or products, but is intended to highlight a behaviour that is not in line with the reference technical regulations (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, etc.).

Accredia manages comments and complaints sent by the market – accredited Bodies and Laboratories, public organizations, firms and consumers – using specific procedures for the “Management of complaints, comments and appelans”.


The handling of complaints and comments by the Accreditation Body is subject to a series of necessary conditions for the effectiveness and transparency of the process.

  • The complaint subject must relate to a behaviour (of Accredia or of accredited bodies and laboratories) that actually pertains to testing, calibration, inspection, verification or certification activities (of system, product, personnel, etc.) that fall under accreditation.
  • In order to avoid speculative complaints with competition disruption aim, anonymously sent complaints will not be accepted.
  • Truthfulness of the entered data will be checked before starting the complaint and comments handling procedure.
  • The protection of personal data of all subjects using the complaints and comments service is guaranteed and, if requested by the subject, anonymity is ensured in the handling process.
  • In case of comments referring to possible criminal offences committed by Accredia’s personnel, or violations of the Organisational Mode or Ethics and Conduct Code of Accredia, the Supervisory Board of Accredia will also be informed.
  • Accredia undertakes to provide an initial reply to the complainant within 30 working days from receipt of the complaint.

The complaint or comment must be submitted using one of the following methods:

  1. filling out the online form (1. Contact form)
  2. by sending the form MD-10 “Complaints and comments” available for the download (2. E-mail)

1) Contact form

Fill out the following form in all its parts and send it by selecting the competent Accredia Department:

* Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk

    PART A - Complainant's data

    PART B - Data on Subject the complaint is against to

    Select the competent Accredia Department*

    Attached documents to support the complaint (one single file)

    Have you already sent a direct complaint against the Organization and/or CAB?*

    Which was the outcome?

    I desire to remain anonymous.*

    I allow to send the documentation to the competent CAB.*

    By entering Yes to the question relating to sending the documentation to the CAB, the maintenance of anonymity may not be guaranteed as the documents to be sent may contain personal references that cannot be removed.

    I accept the processing of data according to the information on privacy.

    2) E-mail

    Download the form, fill it out in all its parts and send it together with any supporting documents to the competent Accredia Department: