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Managers and collaborators

Responsibility and management

This section contains the curricula of Accredia managers and the lists of assessors and experts collaborating in accreditation activities.


General Director

  • Filippo Trifiletti (CV)

Vice General Directors

  •       Emanuele Riva – Vice General Director International Business Delegate (CV)
  •       Silvia Tramontin – Vice General Director Vicarious (CV)

 Directors of Department

  • Emanuele Riva – Director of Certification and Inspection Department (CV)
  • Silvia Tramontin – Director of Testing Laboratories Department (CV)
  • Rosalba Mugno – Director of Calibration Laboratories Department (CV)

Vice Directors of Department

  •       Mariagrazia Lanzanova – Vice Director of Certification and Inspection Department (CV)
  •       Lorenzo Petrilli – Vice Director of Certification and Inspection Department (CV)
  •       Federico Pecoraro – Vice Director of Testing Laboratories Department (CV)

Area Managers

  • Mariagrazia Lanzanova – Manager of Voluntary Area (CV)
  • Lorenzo Petrilli – Manager of Regulated Area (CV)
  • Gianluca Di Giulio – Manager of Institutional and External Relations Area (CV)
  • Enrico Squintani – Manager of Legal Area and Human Resources (CV)
  • Beatrice Bargellini – Manager of the Management System (CV)