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How to apply

The application for accreditation

The application for accreditation for all schemes and sectors managed by Accredia can be made to bodies and laboratories which provide conformity assessments of goods and services.

Accreditation is granted to conformity assessment operators who, following a thorough verification are shown to be in compliance with the requirements of the harmonised standards, documents and regulations applicable to the scheme and sector of activities.

After obtaining accreditation, CABs can issue on the market certificates of conformity and calibration, declarations of verifications, reports of tests, analyses and inspections with the Accredia mark on them.

Bodies accredited by Accredia

Accreditation can be applied for by conformity assessment operators:

  • Certification bodies
  • Inspection bodies
  • Verification and validation bodies
  • Testing laboratories
  • Medical laboratories
  • Interlaboratory proficiency testing providers
  • Calibration laboratories
  • Reference material producers
  • Measurement reference laboratories in the medical area
  • Biobanks

The application

In order to obtain accreditation an application must be made for general accreditation by completing the application form DA-00, as well as the form for specific conformity assessment activities to be performed under accreditation.

The table below sets out the normative references and documents for the various conformity assessment activities, including the applications for accreditation.

Management system accreditation bodies can request accreditation to carry out conformity assessment activities in all the IAF sectors.