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Transparent Accredia

Transparency is a chosen instrument for guaranteeing control of activities and respect for the principles of independence and impartiality.

The “Transparency area” contains information regarding Accredia’s organization and activities, in compliance with Legislative Decree 33/2013 which deals with legal requirements concerning publication, transparency, the diffusion of information by public administrative bodies.

The data and documents required by the Legislative Decree can be found in its Annex A.

Personal data published in this area can be re-used under the conditions set out in the Directive 2003/98/EC and in the Legislative Decree 36/2006 which implements the Directive, compatibly with the purpose of their use and in compliance with the norms for the protection of personal data.

Accredia references for Transparency

  • Filippo Trifiletti – General Director of Accredia
    Transparency and Integrity Manager
  • Mariagrazia Lanzanova – Compliance Officer of Accredia
    Support Manager for Transparency and Integrity

Persons in charge to receive the complaints.

Transparency program

Accredia’s Transparency and Integrity Program defines the activities for respecting the obligations involved, including ensuring regular and updated information as a part of Accredia’s main strategic goals.