A guarantee of quality and safety

Accreditation increases the confidence on the market and ensures the reliability of certifications, inspections, tests and calibrations in order to guarantee the quality and safety of products and services in every sectors of public and private life.

Nowadays, it’s hard to orient in a global and complex market such as the contemporary one, for this reason the search of reliable products, services and professionals by companies, Public Administration and consumers is an increasingly widespread and conscious need.

Therefore, it is essential to recognize and select qualified suppliers to trust in, because they guarantee a safe and quality offer, from agri-food and industrial products to professional services, from transports to infrastructures, from laboratory analyses to measuring instruments.

Increasingly strategic areas for the growth of a healthy and competitive market, in which accreditation issued by Accredia to bodies and laboratories assumes an internationally recognized role, to ensure compliance with the regulations and technical standards for the protection of consumers and environment and to support the free movement of goods and services.

Accreditation is a service of economic and social importance giving confidence to the market: thanks to accreditation, certification and inspection bodies evaluate in a competent way the system of an organization, the provision of a service, the quality and safety of a product, and the laboratories perform tests and analyzes correctly, and ensure the accuracy of measurements through the calibration of instruments.