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Certified products and services

Products and services with a valid certificate issued by accredited certification bodies.

Products and services
  • Auxilary security services – UNI 11926:2023
  • Breast Centres – EUSOMA – The Requirements of a specialist breast centre
    Health services and skills of professionals involved in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer
  • Call Centers – UNI EN ISO 18295-1 e ISO 18295-2
    Services for relationship with the customer, the consumer and the citizen, through contact centers
    Service providing professional courses and conducting related examinations for personnel engaged in activities on HV electrical systems
  • Council Regulation (EU) No 333/2011 – scrap metal ceases to be waste
  • Commission Regulation (EU) No 715/2013 – copper scrap ceases to be waste
  • Commission Regulation (EU) No 1179/2012 – glass cullet ceases to be waste
  • Cosmetics – UNI EN ISO 22716
    Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) – Production, control, storage and shipment of cosmetic products
  • Credit management – UNI/PdR 44
    Credit management services, job profiles requirements and operational guidelines for confomity evaluation
  • Education and learning services — Requirements for distance learning – UNI ISO 29994:2021
  • eIDAS – Certification of TSP (Trust Service Provider) and the services they offer compared with (EU Regulation) 910/2014
  • ESCo – UNI CEI 11352
    Energy Service Company – Organizations providing energy services
  • Exhibitions, shows, fairs and conventions – ISO 25639
  • Europrivacy
    European Data Protection Seal under Art. 42 GDPR
  • Financial Planning – ISO 22222 applied following the guides of the UNI 11348 series
    Service for providing professional courses for personnel involved in activities for Enel Group
  • Fusion welding of metallic materials – UNI EN ISO 3834
    Welding fabrication processes
  • Language-learning services – UNI ISO 29991:2021
  • Learning services outside formal education – UNI ISO 29993:2019
  • Medical registrar management – SGCMF©10002
    Methods of personal data processing of healthcare professionals of pharmaceutical companies
  • Personal data processing – ISDP©10003
    Methods of personal data processing for the protection of individuals and free flow of such data
  • Pest management services – UNI EN 16636:2015
  • Recycled content – ReMade in Italy
    Verification services of the content of recycled material in a product
  • Recycled and/or by-product content – Plastica Seconda Vita (PSV)
  • Requirements for the protection and conformity assessment of personal data in the ICT area – UNI/PdR 43.2:2018
  • SPID – Certification of Trust Service Provider called SPID, compared with (EU Regulation) 910/2014 Art. 24
  • Training services (ENEL/TERNA) – Specifications
    Organizations and training centers for services for the provision of professional courses for personnel / technicians in the electrical sector in conformity to the relative Specifications ENEL and TERNA
  • Treasury services – UNI/PdR 63
  • Verification for the recycled and/or recovered and/or by-product content which is present in the products – UNI/PdR 88
  • Welding for railway purpose
    Welding fabrication processes of railway vehicles and components
  • Welding for railway purpose + ANSF Guidelines
    Welding fabrication processes of railway vehicles and components

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Data of certified products and services are uploaded on Accredia website by the competent certification bodies; they are responsible for the quality and updating of information.

F-Gas - companies and professionals

Companies and professionals operating in the F-Gas sector and in possession of an accredited certification.

Data on certifications for fluorinated gases are published on the Fluorinated Gases – National Database.

Private security companies

“Private security companies” and “Operational and monitoring centers” in possession of an accredited certification.

Data of certified Private security companies are published on the Police website.