Accredia / EA CPC 2022

EA CPC Meeting

EA Communications and Publications Committee Meeting

The Communications and Publications Committee (CPC) is the forum for the exchange of information and experiences related to and discussion of communication issues relevant for EA Members and Stakeholders.

Accredia is pleased to host the next meeting of the Communications and Publications Committee of the European co-operation for accreditation, which will take place in Rome on 12 and 13 October 2022.


  • To discuss matters related to the communication activities of EA, EA Members, IAF/ILAC and Stakeholders
  • To exchange and cascade information on communication activities
  • To support EA members in communication issues
  • To benchmark communication activities between EA Members with the purpose of transfer of marketing and communication knowledge and best practices between EA Members
  • To support and provide input into the development of communication and promotional material aiming to support EA and EA Member activities
  • To support the EA Secretariat regarding EA communication issues
  • To generate materials and case studies that demonstrate the value of accreditation
  • To adapt materials produced by the Quality Infrastructure and accreditation partners to promote accreditation in EA Member economies


The organization of the event is managed by Accredia and its communication partner, Triumph Italy srl.


Ms. Francesca Nizzero
phone: +39 06 8440991
Via Guglielmo Saliceto, 7/9
00161 Rome – Italy

Triumph Italy srl

Ms. Floriana Capulli
phone: +39 348 4502013
Via Lucilio, 60
00136 Rome – Italy