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Conference “Accredited certification, a tool for the development of international trade”

14 May 2019
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Auditorium Via Veneto
Via Veneto, 89
Event organized by Accredia in the framework of the Annual Assembly.

In 2015, the European Commission presented the new trade and investment strategy “Trade for All” focusing the attention on three key principles: effectiveness, transparency and values on which the globalization process is based.

Today, international economic relations are experiencing a period of great tension. The return to protectionist trends is also shown through the increasing use of non-tariff measures to restrict access to markets, such as “technical barriers to trade” or “sanitary and phytosanitary measures”, whose effects are particularly onerous for companies.

In this context, the European Union’s international openness policy appears even more important. The bilateral trade agreements that the EU continues to negotiate with other countries provide for the constant reference to the Quality Infrastructure, i.e. the use of technical standardization, accreditation and certifications to overcome technical barriers to trade in goods and services.

An extra guarantee for fair competition between companies and for protecting the health and safety of consumers, as well as a simplification tool for the Public Administration.

Accredia will dedicate the open session of the Assembly of its Members to these topics, presenting the new research of the “Osservatorio”.

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