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Safety policy

Health and safety policy for Accredia personnel

"Workplace health and safety is a commitment involving everyone, manifested not only by respecting safe behavior in the performance of tasks but also in creating suitable conditions of work."

“A modern country can be measured also by its capacity to create and maintain safe work environments”.

This is the message of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, published on the Quirinale website on 9 October 2016, on the occasion of the 66th National Day for the victims of accidents at work.

Accredia shares this message and gives substance to its meaning by creating and keeping its workplaces healthy and safe, aware that respect, well-being and protection in the workplace contribute to nurturing and enhancing all its employees’ skills and knowledge.

This commitment is also realized through the effective implementation and continuous updating of the health and safety management system, in compliance with the requirements of the model promoted by the Ministerial Decree of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies of 13 February 2014, as a tool for small and medium enterprises, in order to implement the obligations set out in article 30 of Legislative Decree 81/2008.

The health emergency of the last two years has led to profound changes in the world of work and has shown how much the health and well-being of workers are of fundamental importance to ensure the continuity of economic and social activities.

In this context Accredia has responded to the change, adopting all the protection measures required by the health protocols in order to protect its collaborators and to give continuity to its mission as the National Accreditation Body, supporting national institutions.

To ensure continuity of its mission, threatened by frequent lockdowns, Accredia reorganized its operations at all levels, favouring the development of smart and flexible working, videoconference meetings and remote audits. All this required significant economic investments for the purchase of IT equipment and for the adoption of functional and secure online platforms for data and information management, as well as a considerable organizational effort to share the new work procedures.

The Covid-19 emergency arrived swiftly and unexpectedly and brought with it the sudden loss of “traditional” space-time constraints, imposing the need for rapid adaptation, which, with the passage of time, has become a real change in work rhythms and methods.

Today this change, which at the beginning of the pandemic had created so many uncertainties, has become a real opportunity for development and innovation in Accredia, a legacy that will contribute to the growth of the organization in the coming years.

The objectives

Strengthened by this awareness, Accredia  renews its commitment in favour of health protection, aligning its policy with the European strategic framework based on the three key actions to be developed over the coming years:

  • The management of changes caused by the green, digital and demographic transition, for the purposes of health protection
  • The prevention of accidents at work and work-related diseases
  • The preparation for future health crises
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