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Safety policy

Staff safety

"Workplace health and safety is a commitment involving everyone, manifested not only by respecting safe behavior in the performance of tasks but also in creating suitable conditions of work."

Accredia shares with its staff the objective of maintaining the conditions of health and safety and its mission is to ensure work methodologies which promote the culture of health and safety in the workplace by means of the effective application of a system which conforms with the requirements of a Law introduced by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies dated February 13, 2014, aimed at small and medium businesses, for the implementation of Article 30 of Law 81/2008.

The objectives

All Accredia staff are required to collaborate to make sure the health and safety policy is active and improvable, each person having her/his responsibilities, so as to pursue fundamental health and safety goals:

  • to ensure respect for the laws;
  • to inform and train staff in health and safety matters, developing awareness of risks and encouraging responsible behavior;
  • to encourage the involvement of risk prevention officers in internal safety audits, in meetings, site inspections and health and safety training activities;
  • to diffuse the corporate policy among internal staff and collaborators;
  • to make available for all staff rooms which are safe and comfortable and work tools with a suitable level of technological innovation;
  • to improve methods of recording, monitoring and preventing accidents, fires and professional illnesses.
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